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Hello, welcome to Synapse Science Magazine. Our society produces popular science magazines written, edited, designed and published by students from the University of Bristol. The magazines include articles covering a wide range of general interest topics and specific research occurring within the University's science, engineering and medical departments. We distribute the magazines freely around the University campus in student and staff common rooms and other communal areas. The majority of our 130 members are writers and a smaller number of people are involved in editing and graphic design. The society will provide students with an opportunity to express their interests in science and gain valuable experience in scientific outreach, writing and editing science for general audiences, publishing, project management and graphic design. Our overall aim is to produce a freely available entertaining publication for the students and staff at the University of Bristol to read. Additionally, with the inclusion of articles regarding research within the University of Bristol, our magazine provides readers with an insight into the activities occurring in their own department and those in other departments around the University.

Get involved!

Interested in popular science writing? Want to see your work published? There are many ways to get involved, please contact synapse.scimag@gmail.com to find out more. You can join our society by clicking here.

Science is Everything

That is our motto! As a writer for Synapse there are no limits to what you can write about.